Sunday, July 4, 2010

Fourth Of July Dinner

Our Fourth of July dinner menu centered around the ribs from our Bramble Hollow Farm hog which we picked up last week. Mom made a really fabulous dry rub out of sage, thyme, salt & pepper, and crushed juniper berries that she rubbed on the ribs a couple of days ago. Today, I roasted the seasoned ribs slowly in a covered shallow pan for a couple of hours before uncovering and brushing them with Annie's Original BBQ Sauce then letting them finish for another half-hour, or so. In the meantime, I finely shredded a couple of small heads of our homegrown cabbage and turned them into coleslaw. Also, I had picked up a couple of heads of radicchio at the Grandin Road Community Market last Saturday that were fading in a dark corner of the refrigerator. I was consumed by an extraordinarily busy week at Kroger and had been unable to muster the after-work strength to do anything with them, thus far. So, I combined the radicchio with some beet greens from the garden and made garlic and olive oil braised greens which I found to be amazing. I cooked some corn on the cob, sliced up some ripe tomatoes, and made a blackberry-raspberry cobbler to round out dinner. Fingers were licked.

Again, I apologize for the poor quality of the photos. I hope to have this remedied soon. The pics of the ribs weren't even worth posting. Boo.

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