Thursday, July 1, 2010

Bramble Hollow Farm

This past Saturday we travelled a few miles east on US 460 to the Bedford County community of Montvale, VA. We enjoy this trip every time we make it and it was especially nice this time because brother Scott was here visiting from Oregon and he got to go with us. Brent and Anna Wills are the super-nice young couple who live there with their son, Jack, and raise wonderful pastured pork and poultry. This was our second pick-up day of the year and we were looking forward to those fine Freedom Ranger broilers and our half-hog that we had ordered back in the fall. There are four pick-up days this year and we have ordered six chickens for each of those days. We ordered two half-hogs from the Wills' this year, too. We picked one up on this Saturday and the other will be ready later in the fall. That fall pig will produce our Christmas ham just as last year's fall pig did. You can find out more about Bramble Hollow Farm on their Facebook page.

Scott took a few photos of the farm and its inhabitants, as well as a nifty little video of the current lot of piglets and their moms.

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