Thursday, August 26, 2010

I'm Not Afraid Of No Eggs

After a trying day at the Freakshow, the last thing a chef wants to do is come home and have to cook, and eat, a big ol' complicated supper. Today was one of those days. The remedy to this chef's ills was a quick, not so bulky, tasty meal to nourish his tortured spirit.

All the way home from work I kept thinking "omelet, omelet, omelet". Upon landing in the little red kitchen, I pulled my caddy of fresh cackleberries out of the fridge, ventured to the backyard herb patch with my kitchen shears, and shredded a couple of cheese odds-and-ends that were tossed aside in the cheese drawer of the icebox. I threw together a quick little salad of romaine, tomato, and avocado. Then, I chopped up a scallion with the herbs that I had just gathered; some dill, tarragon, chives, and parsley.

In just a very short time I had a simple and satisfying little meal ready for the eating. I'm not afraid of no eggs.

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  1. Do not fear the eggs. Corporate agriculture is the villan. Local, fresh eggs from happy, free ranging chickens will never make you sick. Thanks for posting.