Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Kiev-style Chicken with Risotto

I'm so out of practice blogging that I forgot to snap a photo before I sat down to eat. So sorry. Dinner tonight was chicken breasts from Bramble Hollow Farm that I treated in the same manner as the classic, Chicken Kiev. I de-boned the breasts then pounded them thinly and wrapped the meat around a frozen log of compound butter which I made with some fresh dill, parsley and sorrel that I clipped out of the herb garden this rainy afternoon. The little stuffed packages then got dredged through flour, egg, and breadcrumbs before a gentle sauté and a few minutes in the oven. While the chicken cooked, I whipped up a risotto with some homemade chicken stock, arborio rice, a couple of chopped leeks, and some strips of fire-roasted sweet red pepper. I rounded out the meal with a head of broccoli that Dick cut this morning. We eat well.


  1. Wow…
    I am SUCH a bad Mom. Will you come live in the guest room adjacent to our kitchen and be our "Alice"? Please??