Monday, June 28, 2010

Post-Vacation Garden Dinner

We arrived home on Friday from our cross-country trip to find a very abundant amount of ready-to-harvest garden vegetables for which we possessed great hunger. The road food routine had played out and it was time to sit down to a meal that wasn't tasteless, over-seasoned, too sweet, past its prime, or otherwise unappetizing. After a quick trip to the garden for a couple odds and ends to go with the vegetables that my sister had brought in while we were gone (with her children), we had dinner on the table in no time. Scott made a salad of Israeli cous cous with a handful of garden peas, some chopped ripe tomatoes, and a bit of mint and oregano. I roasted some multi-colored beets, blanched and sautéed the beet greens with plenty of garlic, and threw together a simple cucumber salad with some slivered red onion, rice vinegar, and toasted sesame seeds. We sliced a few just-picked tomatoes and dinner was served. As my dear old granddaddy used to say, "it was the best we ever had".

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